The Choice for Comfort Seekers

Blockage monitoring the easiest way! Seed Master Flow Calibra monitor was developed targeting highest operator comfort with the least necessary interactions. Seed-flow calibration is a one-button-push process. When automatic speed tracking is installed, no alarms disturbs at headlands where seed rate is lowering due to reduced ground speed  – Calibra expect proportionally less seeds and leaves the operator to care with implement lift and turning. Seed sensors developed for air drills and selected mechanical drills also work with Calibra. These features make Calibra stand out from competition.

System Features

• Seed-flow/blockage monitoring for pneumatic or mechanic drills up to 64 rows
• On-the-go calibration of expected seed density
• Manual or automatic speed tracking, easily adjustable expected seed density level
• Detection and display of blockages or dust accumulation on seed sensors
• Sound- and visual alarms
• Calibration for expected seed density
• Automatic or manual speed tracking



System Functions

Air Drill • Mechanic Drill

„Ich habe die Überwachung damals gekauft, da es keine wirkliche Alternative dazu gab. Wir benutzen auch eigenes Saatgut, und ich konnte die verstopften Säreihen mit den Streifen auf den Feldern  nicht mehr anschauen, deshalb haben wir uns für die Särohrüberwachung von Digitroll entschieden. Wir sind bis heute sehr zufrieden!”

„I purchased the monitoring system that time when there was no real alternative. We also drill own production seeds, and I did not want to see the stripes on the fields due to blocked coulters. This is why we decided to have a Digitroll blockage monitoring system. We are until today very satisfied!”

He bought his Digitroll Calibra system for his Accord air drill in year 2001.

Marcus Matschnigg

Meiselding, Austria, Matschnigg GmbH

Seed-flow calibration has never been easier. Just one touch of a button and expected seed-flow with low rate alarm is on the right level. At any seed, at any speed. Slowly developing processes like lowering seed rates due to lowering seed level in hopper can also be observed, not only blockages.

Seed Blockage Sensors

DS4000i optomodules are made for seedflow monitoring on drills. Optomodules contain photosensors equipped with 4 infra lights and detect even the smallest seeds like oilrape seed. Seeds do not need to be filled up in the hose reaching seed sensors. Thanks to the easy and precise seed-flow calibration, blockages are detected immediately or soon.

Sensor Features

• Seed flow/blockage detection (DS4000i)
• Linear connection of sensors up to 64 rows
• Calibration of expected seed density
• Available for air hoses with 25-35 mm diameter
• Particle detection with 4 infras
• Quick sensor cleaning by opening sensor by hand without tool

Long Work Without Cleaning – Each Digitroll seed sensor is armored with DUST DETECTION & COMPENSATION (DDC) feature resulting long days and hours spent without sensor cleaning in the hassle of short seeding season. Increasingly stronger infra light is applied when infra surface becomes dusty or seed coating covered. Reaching a level, a ‘dusty seed sensor’ symbol appears on monitor screen following a push of the TEST button. This solution is a Patented Technology by Digitroll.





Easy-to-Install System Layout

System Components:
Monitor: Seed Master Calibra Flow
Seed Blockage Sensor: DS 4000i
Speed Module: DA 02i (wheel signal receiver)

• Sensor Type: Photocell
• Blockage Sensors: DS4000i
• Standard Sensing Objects: seeds
• Minimum Detectable Object size*: 1-2 mm
• Maximum Speed of Detectable Objects: cca.25m/s
• Optical Detection Elements: 4-pair
• Detection proccess: Digital Signal Procession
• AdC – Automatic Dust Compensation**
• Cleaning Alarm: Automatic – send alerts if the sensor optics surface dust is too high**

• Display: High contrast alphanumeric LCD display
• Resolution: 4×20 character
• Backlighting: LED backlight
• Quick Keys: 4 quick keys for quick access
• Diagnostic LEDs: 2 LEDs for quick diagnostics
• Microprocessor: Microchip
• Operating Voltage: 10 .. 24 VDC
• Operating Temperature: -20 .. +70 °C
• Storage Temperature: -30 .. +80 °C
• Protections: Overcurrent and polarity reversal protection
• Dimensions (W x H x D): 205 x 115 x 30 mm

*The minimum detectable object or particle size is depends on the objects or particles speed and the sensors optical elements dust status.
**Sensor cleaning is rarely due, thanks to Dust Detection & Compensation (DDC) function, so the operator can seed large areas without cleaning the sensors, allowing him to get the most out of the short seeding time at optimum conditions. The cleaning alarm is an unmatched solution to determine sensor dust level, then Dust Compensation, relying on dust test information, automatically compensate the sensibility. High sensitivity of blockage detection will be maintained by this solution. This solution is a Patented Technology by Digitroll.

Typical Applications & Benefits

• Small-mid size air drills working on small plots, no disturbing alarms at headlands
• Larger, 6-8 m air drills – outstanding price-value ratio for all hoses blockage control
• Selected mechanic drills, e.g. Väderstad Rapid S