Seed Counting and Fertilizer Performance

Maximizing Precision in Seeding and Fertilizer Dispensation

Welcome to the realm of precision agriculture, where every seed and granule counts. Our system’s Seed Counting and Fertilizer Performance functionalities revolutionize the way you manage your planting process, offering unparalleled insights into distribution uniformity and performance.

Seed Counting: Unveiling Distribution Precision

The Seed Counting feature provides a comprehensive overview of your seeding operation’s distribution accuracy. By precisely counting the seeds passing through each sensor, our system ensures uniform distribution across the field. But it doesn’t stop there. With the ability to measure seeding density per area or calculate seed mass per hectare based on Thousand Grain Weight (TGW), you gain precise control over your planting strategy. Additionally, real-time statistics such as remaining seed inventory, average distribution, and potential losses empower you to make informed decisions throughout the planting process.

Fertilizer Performance: Optimizing Nutrient Distribution

When it comes to fertilizer application, consistency is key. Our Fertilizer Performance feature evaluates the distribution uniformity of granular fertilizers, offering insights into dispersion patterns and optimizing nutrient uptake. By comparing the number of granules dispensed across different sections of the field, you can ensure even nutrient coverage and maximize crop yield potential. 

Seed count Fertilizer performance
Blockage-only system System with seed-counting feature Blockage-only system System with fertilizer performance feature
Blockage detection
Under-/overflow alert on rows
Row performance comparision
Calculating real application rate
Row by row application rate
Hopper level handling *
Statistics *

* only in SeedView (iPad app)

Advanced Functionality with Licensing

To access the Seed Counting and Fertilizer Performance features, users must equip their system with either Pro sensors, which inherently possess these capabilities, or purchase a license for blockage-only sensor configurations. This license, obtained through our webshop, grants access to additional functionalities, transforming your seeding and fertilization operations into precision-driven endeavors.