XeedSystem update

for ISOBUS users


From April 2023, XeedGATE HW ver 1.3 and 1.5 are being replaced by the new XeedGATE HW ver 2.0. The new XeedGATE requires at least 1.10.0 software package, earlier software versions can’t be applied on it.

New USB upgrade method

Upgrading XeedSystem using USB stick will be simpler and easier in the future. Future firmware packages will be released as a single ‘.dfp’ file. No more multiple hex files for different devices and no more multiple file formats for iPad and ISOBUS users. New ‘.dfp’ file contains not just all firmware files of the system, but all other neccessary meta information for the system in one.

Upgrade your existing system to the latest software version (1.10.0) from 1.8.2 or earlier in 2 steps:

1. upgrade XeedGATE first to the latest version (still using the old method)

2. upgrade the rest of the system (using the currently updated XeedGATE and the new method)



Please select the ‘XG__0305.hex’ file first from the USB folder of the zip file below and copy it to the root of your USB stick.
Power off your XeedGATE, plug the USB stick to the USB socket of it on the back side and power it again. The upgrade process will start.
Once it is done, please move forward to step 2.


Select the ‘01100011.dfp’ file from the DFP folder of the zip file. Be sure that you removed everything else from the root folder of your USB stick and copy the selected DFP file into it.
Power off the XeedGATE again, plug the USB stick and power it up again. The remaining part of the upgrade process will be taken.


If you just bought and installed your new XeedSystem having a new XeedGATE HW 2.0 in it, please complete the setup process detailed below.

The new XeedGATE HW 2.0 is shipped with the latest software package (1.10.0), but other components of the system may still require to be upgraded.

Since the XeedGATE runs the latest firmware in this case, you’ll need the ‘dfp’ file only to complete the upgrade process.

Please select and copy the ‘01100011.dfp’ file from the DFP folder of the zip file to the root of your USB stick and use it for the upgrade

Firmware packages


RAVEN and SeedMaster brand users can only use their own brand versions. Users of any other brand use the DIGITROLL brand firmware package.
The purchased devices only work with software corresponding to the brand!


for SEEDMASTER brand users only


for SEEDMASTER brand users only

NOTE (for iPad app users):

Users planing to use the system with SeedView iPad app can also upgrade their system to v1.10.0. Please download the latest SeedView iPad app from the AppStore, launch it and follow its instructions.