SeedView App

Minimum Requirements

Recomended iPad types

Operational System: iOS 8.4 or higher
iPad Mini: 3 or higher
iPad Air: iPad Air or higher

FlowSense Sensor

Technical Specifications

Detection Parameters

Standard Sensing Objects: seeds, granular fertilizers, microgranulates
Optical Detection Elements: 6-pair (Phototransitors, IR LEDs)
Minimum Detectable Object size*: 0.4 mm
Maximum Speed of Detectable Objects: 30m/s
Light Source: Infrared LED λ = 850 nm
Detection proccess: DSP (Digital Signal Processing)

Automatic Calibrations

iDC – Intelligent Dust Compensation**
iSC – Intelligent Sensitivity Calibration***

Power & Protections

Supply Voltage: 6 to 16 VDC
Current: max. 100mA
Integrated Reverse Polarity Protections: power supply, communication lines
Short-Circuit Protection: integrated resettable fuses
Overvoltage Protection: surge suppressor

Physical Specifications

Overall Dimensions: 140 x 53 x 71 (H x W x D)
Weight: approx. 180g


Ambient Temperature Range: Operating: -10 to 85 °C / Storage: -40 to 85 °C
Degree of Protection: According to IP67


2-year limited warranty

Typical Application Layout

*The minimum detectable object or particle size is depends on the objects or particles speed and the sensors optical elements dust status.

**Sensor cleaning is rarely due, thanks to the Intelligent Dust Compensation function, so the operator can seed large areas without cleaning the sensors, allowing him to get the most out of the short seeding time at optimum conditions. The Cleaning Alarm is an unmatched solution to determine sensor dust level, then Intelligent Dust Compensation, relying on dust test information, automatically compensate the sensibility. High accuracy of detection will be maintained by this solution.

***During Intelligent Sensitivity Calibration process the sensor evaluates the flow characteristic and determine the most appropriate sensibility level to actual seed or granulate flow.

¹Do not use the product in atmospheres or environment that exceed product ratings.