Seed Master Integra

Firmware Update
Latest firmware version: 3.16
IMPORTANT NOTE: Product change - Seed Master Integra 3.0

From January 2023, Seed Master Integra 2.0 is being replaced by Seed Master Integra 3.0.
The new Seed Master Integra requires at least 3.0 software,  earlier software versions can’t be applied on it.

Functional changes

In the Seed Master Integra 3.0 among the LEDs on the right side of the device the followings work:

  • Standby LED
  • Calib LED
  • Power Out LED
  • DA02 LED on Port-I

 The Port indicator LEDs are connected to the output power supply corresponding to the given port, so they indicate its on/off state. The microcontroller cannot control these LEDs.

 The other LEDs – DA02 Port II. LED and the 8 DI4000 LEDs – they were not implemented, but their place remained on the front panel.

Monitor front

No changes.

Hardware version

Seed Master Integra 2.0 Seed Master Integra 3.0
until v4.1 from v5.0

Bootloader version

Seed Master Integra 2.0 Seed Master Integra 3.0
v1.03 from v3.00

Software version

Seed Master Integra 2.0 HW v4.1

  • The last released stand-alone software version is 2.46
  • No further production is expected
  • Software support is still available

In the future, the software changes for both previous and new hardware versions will be released

  • with the same version number
  • from SW v3.0

at the same time.

Short description

  • Click the “Download firmware” button to download the firmwares
  • Unzip the downloaded zip file
  • The zip file contains 2 firmware file. One for Integra v2.0 and another file for Integra v3.0
  • Copy both firmware file to the root folder of usb stick in the computer
  • Insert the flash drive into the USB port on the back of the device
  • Turn on the device if it is not already on
  • From the Monitor menu, select the Software Update menuitem.
  • The software will list and install only the corresponding hex file on the Firmware Update Screen.

See also: Detailed description” below

IMPORTANT: during the update, the power supply of the device must be continuous, do not remove the flash drive!