Intelligent Optomodules for Planters

DS2000i seed sensors are made to count dropping or blown seeds on precision planters. 3-channel, high rate optical sensors, fine-tuned by seed shape and seed size settings, enable reliable detection of double/triple seed drops or skips. Each optomodule possess an intelligent processor unit run by microcontroller. Linear connection and interchangeability make installation easy done in short time.




Seed Counting Accuracy

Excellent Seed Detection

Optomodules contain photosensors equipped with 3 infra LED lights and detect even the smallest seeds like oilrape seed. Our sensors can detect the doubles, triples seeds with a high accuracy.

a Seed Sensor which
is Compatible with your Planter

Long Work Without Cleaning – Each Digitroll seed sensor is armored with DUST DETECTION & COMPENSATION (DDC) feature resulting long days and hours spent without sensor cleaning in the hassle of short seeding season. Increasingly stronger infra light is applied when infra surface becomes dusty or seed coating covered. Reaching a level, a ‘dusty seed sensor’ symbol appears on monitor screen following a push of the TEST button. This solution is a Patented Technology by Digitroll.

Sensor Features

  • Seed count, seed-flow/blockage detection
  • Detection and display of dust accumulation on seed sensor or blockage (DDC)*
  • For planters 4-24 rows
  • i-LiNE compatibility (DS 2000i)
  • Mounted in the coulter or under seed disk
  • Seed detection with 3 photodetectors

Integrated Seed Sensors

Many planters have a possibility to integrate the seed sensor under seed disk or coulter. Digitroll has possibility to do it. We have special mounting brackets for the most commonly planter brands. Check the list below.

  • Accord Optima
  • Gaspardo MT
  • Gaspardo ST
  • Kleine Maxicorn
  • Kuhn Maxima
  • Kuhn Planter
  • Monosem NC
  • Monosem NG
  • Monosem NG Plus
  • OLT Planter

• Sensor Type: Photocell
• Standard Sensing Objects: seeds (eg.: maize, sunflower, oil rape, soy etc.)
• Minimum Detectable Object size*: 2 mm
• Maximum Speed of Detectable Objects: cca.15m/s
• Optical Detection Elements: 3-pair
• Detection proccess: Digital Signal Procession
• DDC – Dust Detection & Compensation**
• Cleaning Alarm: Automatic – send alerts if the sensor optics surface dust is too high**

  • Seed Master Integra
  • Seed Master Plus
  • DMS 08 LCD
  • DMS 06 LED

*The minimum detectable object or particle size is depends on the objects or particles speed and the sensors optical elements dust status.
**Sensor cleaning is rarely due, thanks to Dust Detection & Compensation (DDC) function, so the operator can seed large areas without cleaning the sensors, allowing him to get the most out of the short seeding time at optimum conditions. The cleaning alarm is an unmatched solution to determine sensor dust level, then Dust Compensation, relying on dust test information, automatically compensate the sensibility. High sensitivity of blockage detection will be maintained by this solution. This solution is a Patented Technology by Digitroll.