Perfectly simplified system build-up

Less cable, easy installation

New concept Seed Monitoring System

As a milestone of ambitious developments, a totally new concept seed monitoring system have been created. XeedSystem integrates the latest technologies: FlowSense seed sensors are able to count fast moving seeds in hoses and detect granular fertilizer flow • Regular sensors and actors are connectable to system as auxiliary modules • Collected data are transferred through proprietary X-LiNE BUS and industry standard CAN BUS or ISOBUS communication to X-LiNE and XeedGATE data procession modules • The new long range Bluetooth 4.0 wireless communication forwards data to display on iPad • SeedView intuitive application supplies so much valuable information to farmers, how their seeder performs, as never before.

Featuring a compact design

The intelligent, easy-to-install XeedGATE wireless gateway is the perfect wireless access point for your XeedSystem. It offers next-generation Bluetooth Smart technology and delivers high-performance wireless access for FlowSense Sensors. Connect your XeedSystem elements to XeedGATE and use the SeedView iPad App step-by-step setup assistant to create your new seed monitoring system in just a few taps. Setup is just as fast and easy. The XeedGATE is ISOBUS compatible, so if you have an ISOBUS Virtual terminal, you can use it with the basic features or connect it simultaneously with an iPad.

Bluetooth wireless connection with excellent reliability

Connect your iPad via the latest Bluetooth technology to your XeedSystem. We use the World’s longest range Bluetooth Smart Module in our XeedGATE gateway. This module targeted for Bluetooth Smart applications where the best possible wireless performance and range are required.

Long Range Wireless up to


Modular system components

X-LiNE Module ECU connects the FlowSense Sensors onto CAN BUS. The ECU communicates with the sensors through X-LiNE BUS, address and diagnose them. This device acts as a master on the X-LiNE BUS line, meanwhile serves as CAN BUS slave on the CAN BUS. X-LiNE Module contains a high performance microprocessor that work fast and reliably fulfills the tasks of bilateral communication. The module includes an advanced, stabilized, noise filtered, short-circuit-, overcurrent-, reverse polarity-protected power supply to safeguard all tools of bilateral BUS communication.

Base Module ECU is 4-channel signal receiver it can be able to connect 4 different „base“ sensors for example: radar, inductive or capacitive sensors. The Base Module is an essential part of the XeedSystem, this module transfer the speed, working position and fan  rpm data to XeedGate.

Durable in every detail

Our modules with its 3 built-in AMP connector offers a truly compact solution for the end users. There are no cables hanging out from the module, that benefits in no defect modules due to cable breaks. Module housing is made of Polyamid6 GF, a plastic reinforced with fiberglass.

The X-LiNE Module can collect

sensors data